Rev Bryan Tolhurst, 01702 557070

I am a man of Kent having been born east of the river Medway in Gillingham and I have spent most of my life in that county.

The exception has been the ten years from 2000 - 2010 when I was minister in Nantwich Cheshire. The Methodist stationing committee sent me there as a probationer minister and now they have sent me here as superintendent minister.

Both Credwyn and I are thrilled to be here and feel very much at home. At least most people will understand my 'Estuary English' dialect.

I would describe myself as an ordinary person who is privileged to have experienced God's call into the ordained ministry.

When I finally accepted that I was being called for who I am I felt a great sense of peace. There is no longer any reason for me to have to prove myself to others - but that does not mean that I don't do my best, or worry about things.

I want everyone else to experience the sense of peace that comes with knowing that they are loved by God, through the grace of Jesus Christ, and are in the place that God wants them to be