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Circuit Prayer Breakfast Poster 2

Topics from the June 2018, Circuit Prayer Meeting

  • Prayers for Rev Peter Moorehouse during his Sabbatical
  • Rev David Chapman, our district chair, as he covers our Southend and Leigh Circuit
  • For those in hospital or receiving medical treatment, in particular, Rev Julia Monaghan and Mrs Ruth Lowden
  • For Our Circuit Treasurer and Circuit Stewards in their work of Finance and Circuit Administration
  • For resources for mission and the wisdom on how to use these for the best
  • For mission initiatives such as the Southend Town Centre Chaplaincy Project
  • The People Without Poverty Romanian Farm building project
  • Miss Anna Turner's work as a volunteer in Lebanon for the Bible Month
  • Services at Benfleet and Thorpe Bay churches
  • For the Testimony and ordination services of Rev Chris Sandy
  • For the Lay leadership in our churches and Circuit