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I am the Pastor of Canvey Island Methodist Church. Married to Cathy, a Father to Anna, Sarah and Rebekah, and a grandfather to Dorothy and Rufus.

I was born in London, and, with my family, migrated east to Canvey Island just three years after the terrible East Coast flooding of 1953. On Canvey Island we found a tight knit community "looking out for each other" in true East London fashion! As a young teenager I realised that God was real, became a Christian, and joined Canvey Island Methodist Church. I also made many friendships across the spectrum of Christian Churches on Canvey Island. Educated locally and then at East Ham Technical College, I have worked as a cosmetics, perfumery & toiletries scientist, retiring in 2015. Serving and experiencing God throughout all of life has been an adventure, and to be part of a loving church congregation has been life changing.

As a Methodist Church Local Preacher, leading services in the Southend and Leigh Circuit, I have now been invited to become a Local Pastor to Canvey Island Methodist Church. Together our church, as do all Christians, invites others to discover Jesus Christ as Lord, Saviour and Friend, and to find a place of friendship, acceptance and community. I am excited to be part of this continuing journey of God's Love on Canvey Island.

God Bless


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