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Nana Thomford

Hello Beloved, I am the Minister with pastoral responsibility for Trinity Methodist Church. I am coming from the United States of America where I have lived for the past twelve years but, originally from Ghana, West Africa.

Prior to my transferring and appointment into the Methodist Church in Britain and the Southend and Leigh Circuit respectively, I worked in many and different capacities in my home church after my ordination in 2006 from the communities through to the parishes ending it in the hospital as Chaplain Resident at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center (Washington, DC) for many years working with the patients and their families on how to deal and copy with terminal and chronic illness.

Theresa (my wife) and I are very excited for the love Southend and Leigh Circuit has shown to Theresa and me. I strongly believe that my steps has been ordered by God for a time like this for the circuit. I believe in Jesus Christ and the power in his resurrection and my ministry is nothing without Him. As a family we rely on Him for everything and God has confirmed His power through signs and wonders in my ministry.

As a singer I love to listen to good music when I am alone, to reflect on life and ministry and I love to be at home when am not out for ministry.

I will love to worship with you every day.

Stay blessed.