Ruth Lowden

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Ruth Lowden

I am a local girl born here in Leigh-on-Sea. My working life was with the Post Office where I worked my way up until I left after 21 years of service.

Now I am the Circuit Administrator and am able to use my skills to help the work within our circuit. The duties are diverse and can be updating the circuit website, archiving historical documents to producing the circuit directory and plan to name but a few. I also manage the 7 manses, ensuring that all of them are maintained correctly.

I usually have company in the office by a sleeping dog called Wessex. He is our family dog who loves to be part of this working world (not that he works).

My husband David and I along with our two children Zoe and Thomas are active members of a yacht club and this keeps us busy allowing us to appreciate the wonderful estuary we live in. We also like to walk in the woods and this certainly shows us that creation for us is all around.

My home church is Wesley.