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Worship Academy is a chance to learn together aspects of worship speaking and preaching, both in complimenting the training of new worship leaders and preachers, and in continuing development for existing Worship Leaders and Local Preachers. We also welcome friends from other circuits and churches to join us in fellowship, and learning.


We will meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month, starting in October each year and every 1st Wednesday of the month from then till June/July. The meeting will be at Benfleet, starting with a meal at 7pm.


We recognise, that "It is our privilege and our call to come together on Sunday, to name and worship our God. To lead such worship in the Methodist Church, CPD is clear that the person conducting worship should be called and trained to this task." As a circuit we have this collective responsibility to train new Worship Leaders & Preachers, and to continually develop those we have. Worship Academy is our opportunity to do this.


Worship Academy is open to all leaders of worship. That is our Local Preachers (for whom it counts in their commitment to CLPD — Continuous Local Preacher's Development), all our Worship Leaders, all our Ministers and anyone else who is considering to become Local Preachers or Worship Leaders in the future. If there are people you want to invite as a way of helping them think in that direction, they are welcome too. All we ask, is that everyone who comes is booked in.